Louis Baker


Seeing the journey and trajectory of a song always fascinates me. It starts with only one idea, and snowballs gradually until it is something people can hear all around the world.

This was one of those songs that I felt in the moment, and wrote the lyrics in around 20mins. It fell out of me. I wanted to capture exactly what I was feeling in that moment. What I ended up expressing is a song that is directly linked to mental health, and the peaks and valleys of the human condition.

I want this song to inspire some kind of dialogue and awareness, even if it is only one conversation, one utterance, even one word. I think positive change starts with one step. However small it may be. And that is something that happens within us first.

Thanks for your patience in reading my philosophical waffling, this issue does mean a lot to me because I have felt it, and seen it in my whanau and friends.